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Заглавие: Географические рекогносцировки римской армии
Другие заглавия: Geographical Reconnaissance of the Roman Army
Авторы: Данилов, Евгений Сергеевич
Danilov, Evgeniy Sergeevich
Ключевые слова: римская армия
Roman army
Гай Петроний, префект Египта
Gaius Petronius, praefectus Aegypti
география (наука)
geography (science)
Северное море
North Sea
география, природа, климат древних цивилизаций
geography, nature, and climate of ancient civilizations
история Древнего Рима
history of ancient Rome
классическая (средняя) республика в Риме (287-133 гг. до н.э.)
Middle Republic (Classical Republic) in Rome (287-133 B.C.)
поздняя Римская республика (133-30 г. до н.э.)
Late Roman Republic (133-30 B.C.)
принципат (ранняя Империя) в Риме (I-II вв. н.э.)
Principate (Early Empire) in Rome (1-2nd centuries A.D.)
кризис Римской Империи III в. н.э.
crisis of the Roman Empire in the 3rd century A.D.
доминат (поздняя Империя) в Риме (IV-V вв. н.э.)
Dominate (Late Empire) in Rome (4-5th centuries A.D.)
полнотекстовая версия
full-text version
Из истории античного общества (сб. ст.)
Issue Date: 2008
Издатель: ННГУ
Библиографическое описание: Данилов Е.С. 2008: Географические рекогносцировки римской армии // Из истории античного общества: сб. науч. тр. Вып. 11 / А.В. Махлаюк (ред.). Нижний Новгород, 175-185.
Краткий обзор (реферат): Статья посвящена исследованию географических рекогносцировок, проводившихся римской армией. Главным образом, речь идет об экспедициях времени классической и поздней Республики и Принципата. During the life of a few generations the Roman society could widen the horizons of its outlook beyond the limits of the civilized world by constant territorial expansion. At the same time, the geographical component of the Roman ideas of the world became complicated also. The matter here was not so much in banal curiosity of citizens or ambitions of commanders who saw their mission in realization of idea of «world supremacy» (though it had played a certain role), but in necessity to protect the borders and to maintain stability of the existing order. The periods of Republic and early Empire were an epoch of the geographical discoveries that had paved the way to conquests, cultural interaction and economic integration. From time to time the expeditions were sent in different directions to find out unknown people and to reconnoiter their potential. Geographical reconnaissance and cartography allowed emperors to plan foreign policy of the Roman state. There existed some global vision of the world by the end of Augustus rule. Stabilization of borders by the Late Principate did not exactly mean the completion of geographical reconnaissance but the weakening of interest to it, because from the second century A.D. the government was preoccupied with repulsing attacks of the Parthians and various coalitions of Germanic tribes and, then, with resolving the problems of the general crisis of the third century.
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